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  5. How to Structure Your Day Like a Stoic: 44,000+ views

Want to improve your health, one habit at a time?

A few simple practices were all it took to set me on a trajectory for success.

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The daily practices of the Stoics for a life lived well.

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“Assemble your life… action by action. And be satisfied if each one achieves its goal… No one can keep that from happening…Action by action.” — Marcus Aurelius


Wake up early

The shortest guide to healthy habits.

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Note: This only works for females.

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The Research

How my life has changed from 3 months of meditating daily.

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1. The ability to sit and do nothing, and to enjoy it

And the origins of the 10,000 steps per day guideline.

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The Research

Daily habits for a life lived well.

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Lean down without restricting calories.

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1. TRE

How to leverage ancient wisdom to help you achieve success.

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Dichotomy of Control

Ashley Richmond

I write about daily practices for optimizing health and happiness. Free newsletter:

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