I feel a certain connection when I am out in town with a million other people my age. We are all growing up at the same time, in the same place, living through a lot of the same experiences. I bet every single one of them has been through some tough shit, and are going through shit now. Just as I am.

As I drive down the streets late at night, I see flocks of students drunkenly making their way towards town. I know how they must be feeling; excited for the night ahead, carefree as they walk the empty roads with their friends, happy because alcohol takes away a lot of the misery in life, although only temporarily.

We’re just kids, living life, making mistakes, learning things the hard way. Yeah, we’re probably a bit reckless, and yeah, we probably could and maybe should be spending our time and hard earned money elsewhere, on something more productive or worthy. But we’re kids. We really are. Kids who have just been unleashed into the world, to find our own way and pave our own future.

We’re going to be okay, all of us. There are a million people around you, in the same boat. We’re all here. We’re all going to help each other. We’re all going to make it. Just live life, have some fun, don’t be too concerned about anything. Live in the now. Spend time with people who treat you right and make you feel good. Honestly, life is too short to waste with the people who drain you, or who don’t treat you as well as you deserve to be treated.

Recognise that you are important. You are significant. You’re a whole lot cooler than you probably think, and people are more fond of you than you realise. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re anything less than extraordinary.

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