It changes every now and then. But currently, I wake up, drink a bottle of water, and do either a guided or unguided meditation in bed. Then I get up and make coffee. While the water is boiling I do about 10 burpees. Then I make my coffee and take it outside to drink while reading a book. Sometimes I will walk after this, sometimes I go straight into journalling, sometimes I will get started with writing. Then I stop for breakfast around 9 am.

But for me, what has been most powerful is avoiding my phone and controlling the input first thing in the morning - so reading a book, listening to a guided meditation, listening to a podcast if I walk - instead of reading texts or looking at social media. As well as making time to journal - a time where I can reflect and plan. I think having this structure has been really influential in creating a more productive and successful life.

My initial morning routine can be found in this article:

And some other guidelines I follow in my mornings are outlined here:

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