This is something I am still learning how to implement into my own life. Currently, during my evening journalling session, I write ‘Request to my subconscious:’ and I write about what I want my subconscious to work on.

Lately, I’ve been asking it to increase the power of my parasympathetic nervous system, as my sympathetic nervous system has way more control than I’d like right now. (This manifests as a low HRV, something I talk more about here: I request specifically what I want — a low average heart rate, lots of deep sleep, and more parasympathetic activation.

I did this the last two nights, and last night I had the most deep sleep I’ve had since starting tracking, and a lower overnight heart rate than normal.

It’s a difficult concept to wrap your head around. I am still trying to think of specific things I want my subconscious to work on through the night. I think it is especially helpful if you have a problem you need to work on, or if you have a big decision to make. But you can also request to be more confident, present, calm, etc. during the day, which is something I might start requesting.

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