Yes, there are studies to support all of the claims made in the article.

Spirulina is an effective accumulator of toxins, especially heavy metals. Here is a recent study supporting this:

Oil pulling has a huge effect on reducing bacteria in the mouth and reducing systemic inflammation, as cited in the article. There are more studies here if you want to read them:

The following article states numerous benefits of heat therapy:

  • “The minerals sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride are all excreted via sweat,14 along with iron15 and chromium.
  • Sodium and chloride have the greatest losses (155 and 137 meq, respectively), while magnesium and potassium are excreted in much lower quantities (13 and 16 meq, respectively).
  • • Copper and zinc are released in high amounts in sweat (avg. for copper 550 µg/L for males and1480 µg/L for females; for zinc 500/1250 for males and females, respectively).
  • Dermally absorbed lead was released in both sweat and saliva.”

There were multiple pages in this article listing which toxic substances are removed from the body via sweat.

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